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Every Color Matters exists to provide encouragement, hope and support to those in our surrounding communities touched by cancer through fundraising and raising awareness of its many forms. Every Color Matters goes beyond the Cancer Awareness color chart but it represents every race, religion and creed.



Ashley Burgess, LCSW | Cancer Center Social Worker I Fayetteville Piedmont Hospital

Sharron Paige Whitaker (Mother) 

Antoine Ahmad Paige (2022)

Testicular Cancer

Baby Riley Nova


As a licensed clinical social worker, I have witnessed first-hand the emotional and financial toxicity that often comes with a cancer diagnosis. I do my best to support patients along their cancer journey and I am fortunate enough to have organizations like Every Color Matters to assist me in my efforts. I received a referral from a patient who was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma after a year of being misdiagnosed. Her disease had progressed quickly impacting her mobility and causing excessive pain.  The patient contacted me requesting financial assistance as she had been unable to work. I reached out to Every Color Matters and received an immediate response from Mr. Jackson. Within days the patient received a financial award to assist with her household bills. The patient was so thankful that she began to cry, informing me that she is praying for a full recovery so that she might be able to pay the kindness forward. Thank you, Every Color Matters, for all that you do

I am very blessed today to be alive, well and able to give a praise report on behalf of my son, Antoine Ahmad Paige. On December 1, 2022, the Surgeon took 40% of his liver, and a few other organs. God blessed him to recover nicely. I am including pictures of him. He is very sensitive about things right now so please wait before you share or post.


You very graciously blessed him in November with a sizable donation and he greatly appreciated it. It came at a time when he desperately needed it. The Social Security disability benefits did start but the bills had been stacking up. His insurance premium jumped from $30.00 to $113.00. He has not worked since Summer of 2020. When the request was made it was not known that this very invasive surgery was going to be needed. He had just had his last stem cell transplant October 18th after a year or more of in-patient chemotherapy for Testicular Cancer. God keep showing up and showing out.


I pray God's blessings on your organization and your families, and I expect you will do even greater things for people in the near future.

September 22, 2022, is a day that will forever be etched in our minds. Riley was diagnosed with Stage IV High-Risk Cancer. She was only given a 50% survival rate due to the severity. The type of cancer she was diagnosed with is called Neuroblastoma. The cancer was wrapped around a main blood vessel and in her bones. Since her diagnosis, she’s had surgery to remove the tumor that was wrapped around her Aorta, numerous blood transfusions, rounds of chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, a stem cell transplant, full body scans, MRIs, CT scans, and surgeries to remove/or replace Central Venous Lines. Riley is such a strong little girl and has endured weeks of daily radiation and over 100 days in the hospital. She does not look like what she has been through. We give all the praises to whom our blessings flow. We thank you all (Every Colors Matters) so much for the monetary blessing when this all started last year. Her mother missed so many days off from work and that blessing helped ease some of her pain. Most people don’t realize the wear and tear this put on your body, soul, and mind but “EVERY COLORS MATTERS” understood the assignment. We are trusting and believing this is the end for us. This journey has taught us so much. THANK YOU!!

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Michael Emerson 

$500- Benefit Award 

Lori Wannamaker

$400- Benefit Award 

Every Color Matters

5K Run/Walk



Every Color Matters exists to educate people in the surrounding communities about cancer. We provide materials that outline causes, prevention, the importance of early detection and available resources. We also provide funding to cancer research and assist families financially in our local community who are currently fighting cancer.

Barney Jackson.jpeg

Barney E. Jackson Jr. 

CEO & Executive Director

Barney E. Jackson, Jr, native of Griffin, Ga is an experienced Event Planner, Social Activist, Cancer Awareness Advocate and Author committed to the forward movement and progression of underserved communities. Barney has spent the majority of his life being a leader and servant, supporting several philanthropic, health, and political efforts. He strives to promote or intervene in social and political issues with the desire to create positive impact in the community for the greater good. His array of passions includes voter registration and turnout, cancer awareness, community service, and social activism. He finds fulfillment by creating sustainable support frameworks for each of his passions.  He is currently employed at Liberty Mutual Insurance as the Southeast Marketing Consultant and is the Founder & CEO of Question: But Did You Vote?, Every Color Matters Cancer Foundation, and Vision Essentials. 


Barney’s personal experiences and losses caused by cancer was the impetus to him establishing a nonprofit organization that not only highlights one type of cancer but draws awareness to all forms.  Every Color Matters exists to provide encouragement, hope and support to those in our surrounding communities affected by cancer through fundraising and raising awareness of its many forms. The organization hosts an annual Gala and Auction fundraiser and 5K. These events along with sponsorship have raised over $80,000.00 and has assisted many families suffering from various forms of cancer since 2016.

Octavia Hardnett

Chief Operating Officer

Valeria Jones

Administrative Officer

Twandalette Cotton 

Media & Communications

Cassandra Arnold

Sponsorship Coordinator

Dorothy Spann

Benefit Coordinator


  • Jun 22, 2024, 6:30 PM
    Atlanta, 1060 Delta Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30354, USA
    Jun 22, 2024, 6:30 PM
    Atlanta, 1060 Delta Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30354, USA
    This black-tie event is set to be a FIRST-CLASS experience.

This black-tie event is set to be a FIRST-CLASS experience. The “Red Carpet Reception,” begins promptly at 6:15pm. (Passed hors-d'oeuvres and drink options will be served). Plated-served dinner, open bar, live band, silent auction, live DJ & more) while contributing to families in the fight against all forms of cancer!



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